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omCollab is a powerful, Enterprise 2.0 collaboration product completely built on open source software. It provides a web portal environment to create, share and search Microsoft Office content, files, shared bookmarks, blog posts and wiki articles across the enterprise. omCollab integrates some of the most powerful open source software applications into a single collaborative environment. It enables organisations to drive innovation, collaboration and community building.

If you have any questions, please post them on  omCollab.

How do I add a new ticket?

  • Click on 'New Ticket',
  • enter a short summary and description,
  • select the priority,
  • select the affected component,
  • leave milestone empty unless you are a core developer or promising to fix the bug for that milestone yourself
  • and select the affected version.

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omCollab Requirements are developed using a story-based approach and are driven primarily from the  MIKE2.0 Methodology.

omCollab Technical Design describes the components to be developed for omCollab.

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